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Infrared Sauna. Its Getting Hot in Here.

Sweating is one of the bodies ways of eliminating toxins. There is research to suggest that most people don’t sweat regularly enough. What better way to get up a sweat than in an infrared sauna?

Sauna for reducing inflammation, detoxification and booting immunity.

How does an Infrared Sauna help with healing?

The difference between a traditional and infrared sauna is how the heat is delivered into your body. Traditionally the air around you is warmed- as if you were outside on a hot day. Infrared saunas deliver the heat directly into your body through wavelengths, warming from the inside out. Two completely different experiences.

Wavelengths that are short are hotter, and vice versa. Near infrared (the shortest wavelength) converted to LED has been shown to speed up wound healing, increase collagen and strengthen our immune system. Ideally this program is for those wanting to aid muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.

Far-infrared increases core temperature. This increase in temperature can also strengthen your immune system, increase blood flow and circulation while some studies have shown a reduction in blood pressure.

Finally, mid-infrared which as it suggests in somewhere in the middle. We use this wavelength to reduce inflammation in the joints, muscle and tissues to assist those living with degenerative or autoimmune diseases. Its effects have also been shown to be effective for boosting weight loss.

Benefits of an infrared sauana

The infrared sauna provides many health benefits to improve immune response, reduce inflammation and aid recovery but it will also do a lot more.

Glowing skin!

A lovely “side effect” as the heavy sweating causes increased capillary circulation, eliminates bacteria from the top layer of the skin and increases the rate of dead skin cell turnover = increased firmness, cleaner pores and improved skin tone.

Stress less

Don’t just think mental stress, but also environmental (pollutants), intense exercise stress or food (think processed) stress. Heat shock proteins are produced in response to heat. They are involved in inhibiting or blocking inflammatory pathways, protecting your cells from stress and injury.

Better sleep

Consistent, good quality sleep is so important to maintain a healthy body AND mind. After using an infrared sauna your body releases endorphins that helps to relieve tension and provide a deep, relaxed sleep. Try it!

Not sure if the sauna is for you? Give us a call, we can answer any questions you might have.

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