About Lifestyle Physio Cronulla

I started Lifestyle Physiotherapy after growing up with a spinal condition that prevented me from participating in sport and everyday activities.

As a 15 year old I was diagnosed with structural scoliosis that ultimately limited my pain-free movement range and ability to do what I loved. It was through surgical intervention and significant physiotherapy that I was able to return to the activities and lifestyle I loved.

Through this experience I developed a keen interest in exercise based rehabilitation and knew my passion was in helping others to have a healthy active life regardless of their situation.

I began Lifestyle Physiotherapy as a hands-on practice to help others have the flexibility and strength to live the life they love.

Our practitioners focus on one patient at a time to ensure you get the most out of each visit. We use evidence based practice to provide accurate diagnosis and then shape individualised plans to suit. Through education and treatment we empower you to love your life too.

We can help, contact us.