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At Lifestyle Physio we are motivated to understand what you want to achieve, and get you back to living your best, healthiest life.

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We know that what you want more than anything right now is to be free from pain. Imagine being able to return to what you love, without restriction. At Lifestyle, we make it our priority to understand your concerns AND your goals. 

Cronulla has been our home for over 11 years now, and we’ve been building relationships with local families like yours since we began Lifestyle. Our aim? To help them regain the life they love, getting them active and pain-free. 

Our goal is to always address the why, not just the symptoms. This provides you with relief that is long lasting.

What is persisting pain holding you back from?

Achieving your health and fitness goals starts here​.

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Tell us what has been happening, and when. Has this happened before? And most importantly is it stopping you?

During the consultation we will learn what we can about how you move and work to give you a diagnosis.


Often half the battle is not having a detailed plan, or understanding of what has happened (or is happening).

We provide you with the information you need and accessibility to us, your therapists to ask any questions- even after your consultation.

The Team

We know what it feels like to be disappointed and frustrated by not being able to do what you love. It is why we are motivated to develop a clear, individualised treatment plan and help you achieve your goals. We all have different skill sets, different expertise- that is what makes us such a good team."

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We welcome private, self-funded patients, those with private health cover, Workcover, EPC, DVA and NDIS. We are able to provide extended consultations for complex conditions, home visits and telehealth appointments.

Could you drive the F1?

Do you have what it takes to be an F1 driver? Not how quick you can race down the straights of Kurnell here in the

Achilles pain

About half of all distance runners experience some form of Achilles pain during their running life. Achilles pain is associated with high levels of apprehension