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Gyms are open again! Easing back into exercise.

As you rush back to blow off the workout cobwebs; do so with caution.

Your body doesn’t like change.

It doesn’t like quick increases (or decreases) in load. At a cellular level (and too complex for this blog!) collagen and elastin density changes, blood cell population is altered and nerve firing patterns change.

How does this affect your spin/ pump/ HIIT etc class?

Over the last 6 months (or so) we have all been out of our usual routines. For some, there has been an increase in exercise as we have found ourselves with more time but for the majority the type of exercise has significantly changed.

Now we are allowed back into our regular routine. But should we go back?


It is important to get back to the gym; run group or outdoor training. The mental health benefits have been proven again and again. A break from home schooling and working from home is essential.

Physically lets get back to setting goals, building strength and improving function. But lets do it safely.

Give your body time to adapt once again to the demands of your exercise routine. Start at around 50% load to what you were doing.

The definition of load is not just number of sessions but also includes intensity of sessions, rest between sessions and within sessions. For example if you were running 10km x 3/wk and haven’t been running at all during COVD lockdown this week you should return with the aim of running 5km x3/wk with a run/walk program.  Run 5mins; walk 1min. 

Have an active rest day, before repeating the SAME program. During the 3rd session we will increase the load, but by no more than 20% (ideally 10%). This could be that you reduce your walking by 20%, increase your run time by 20% or increase your level of effort while running  by 20% BUT NOT ALL 3!

As we have discussed in previous blogs stretching is important and should be done AFTER your sessions. Focus instead on an active warm up before (and make it specific to the activity you are about to undertake).

If you are carrying a COVID related cleaning injury, “Netflix neck” or want some advise to help you return to sport and exercise without injury… call us on 8544 8484.

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