Anna Leckie – Physio who loves educating her patients

Anna is driven to help people with musculoskeletal or orthopaedic conditions to return to their active lives. She has spent her career giving people the skills and strength they need to manage their injuries.  Anna loves educating her patients about what is causing their discomfort or loss of mobility, finding that once patients know what is happening in their bodies, they understand the rehab plan.

Anna has worked closely with surgeons on orthopaedic hospital wards. This has allowed her further education regarding latest techniques and outcomes. Anna works hard with her patients to provide conservative self-management where at all possible, but is a wealth of knowledge if surgical intervention is required. She works hard to understand individual intricacies and makes sure all of her patients have a thorough and accurate diagnosis and therefore treatment plan before they leave.

Anna wants you to be back doing all the things you love, living your busy life, without day-to-day pain or worry about the cause/ meaning of the pain.