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Shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain has recently become one of the most commonly reported problems at Lifestyle. Why? Could it be that we have spent the best part

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What? Why? Who? & How?

Physiotherapists are known as “Physical therapists” overseas, but Australia recognizes that physiotherapists treat much more than the physical aches and pains. Ever been injured? Bet

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Get moving.

You asked- here it is. A day-by-day guide to getting you moving, and creating a long-term lifestyle change. Get in touch, let us know how

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Gyms are Open!

As you rush back to blow off the workout cobwebs; do so with caution. Your body doesn’t like change. It doesn’t like quick increases (or

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Falls prevention

As we age, falls can become common and have sometimes, devastating consequences.  Physiotherapists play a crucial role in preventing these falls and therefore help to

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Wear & Tear.

The definition of arthritis is “a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints”. SO, it is actually a general term and includes any

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