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Take-off ready?

Excess Baggage?

Lucky enough to be taking a break this holidays? Leaving Cronulla? Holidays are a time to relax and rejuvenate. But did you know you lose up to 1.5L of fluid in just a 3 hour flight? Or that the average person puts on 5kg in a 3 week period?  Or how about the 50% higher injury rate in the month following a holiday? Here are some tips to help keep you fit and healthy on holidays and beyond when you return to the Sutherland Shire.

Drink-y drink. 

Going somewhere in the sun? You need to up your water intake to around 4L each day, it’s easy to do if you add in a glass before each meal and between each cocktail! Remember the general rule when it comes to the bar menu; the clearer your drink, the less impact on your waist.

Eating your way not your weight.

Snacking is a common past-time on holidays and unfortunately convenience foods are the worst ones. Chips and nuts are often heavily salted and full of bad fats, try instead to snack on fresh food, fruit or olives as a lighter alternative. When it comes to meal times, try a glass of water first to help you feel fuller. On the first trip to the buffet (we all know there will be more than one) fill your plate with fruit or vegetables and lean meat or eggs. When you return for your second round you are less likely to be tempted by the fried foods or dessert table. 

Rolling from your back to your belly counts, doesn’t it?

Holidays are often spent much more sedentary than everyday life, lounging in the sun, paddling in the pool, strolling the shops. Instead of seeing exercise as an inconvenience on holidays, think of it as your savings account. Try and do it first thing (before the buffet) and “earn” your day. Visiting the hotel gym, a jog, some laps or even some body weight exercises before breakfast will not only release the feel-good endorphins but will energise you to be more active throughout the day. You’ll be more likely to give snorkelling a go or join in on a walking tour.

While holidays are to be enjoyed, don’t have post-holiday remorse with these simple, easy tips.

If you want some easy (no equipment) routines for your next holiday get in touch… Lifestyle Physio Cronulla can send through some easy to follow videos thanks to our Physitrack subscription that means no more stick figure drawings!

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