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Recovery IS important

We see a lot of recreational runners in the clinic. When first injured the most common statement we hear is “I don’t know why this has happened!”

Have you had any sudden load increases? “No”

Have you changed your intensity? “No”

Have you been getting enough sleep? “Yes”

Have you been unwell? “No”

“I just don’t know why it has happened! I have been working huge hours, work is so stressful. The kids are driving me nuts and I only have 3 weeks before this event, I’m running out of time. I’ve had to cram my runs in to the very early mornings and then rush off to work. I can’t wait for this training block to be over…”


There in-lies the problem.

Load management doesn’t just involve how many physical kilometres you do, or how fast you run, or how many weights you lift. It involves your TOTAL daily/weekly load.

Had a bad nights sleep? Rest. Do the session later that day but if there is no time… let it go! Your body needed more rest. Having a stressful week at work? Try a walk instead.

Are you finding this difficult to do?

You might need to consider your relationship with exercise, is it healthy or obsessive?

Need help with your training load? Scheduling? Or just want to know what your body is capable of? We CAN help.

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