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Power vs Strength as we Age?

Are you an adult living in our Cronulla community?

Are you an older adult?

Do you lift weight?

You should.

A recent review of current literature looked into if strength or power training was better at maintaining older peoples function and ultimately independence.

Interestingly they found that when compared to strength training, power training resulted in more power gains (obviously) but also the same amount of strength gained, and muscle mass and size.  If these exercises were performed using heavier weights the strength gains were even higher and if they were instead performed faster, more power was obtained.

So, if you want to future proof your body. Add some quick movements into your weights routine.

You should be doing a weight session 2-3 x/wk. Do each exercise 2-3 sets. And then for:

Strength = 70-85% 1RM (i.e. how heavy a weight you can push/pull or lift only ONCE before you can’t do it again).

Power = 40-60% 1RM focusing on using speed during the shortening phase of the movement e.g. the curling up in a biceps curl.

How do you know if you have “enough” power?

Lets test it.

A simple sit to stand test will give an indication of strength and also falls risk.

Sit on a (dining type, “regular” height) chair. Timing the movement stand and sit back down. Repeat 5 times before stopping the timer.

Age-related normative values suggest 60-69 years young should be around 11.4 seconds, 70-79 years = 12.6 seconds and 80-89 years 14.8 seconds.

If you have concerns or want advice on how to implement some changes to your weekly exercise routine get in touch today. We can KEEP you loving your life.

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