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Have you hit a speedbump?

Recovery from injury can be a long and complex process. Whether it is rehabilitation from surgery or returning to sport after an injury, the journey twists and turns on a daily basis sometimes. It can easily be blamed on poor therapy or poor compliance but sometimes it is just your bodies way of adapting.

As you build strength, re-activation or mobility it is a balancing act. We give you exercises with instruction on how many and how often for a reason! It is one of the most difficult aspects of a physiotherapists job, knowing what needs to be done to make a difference, and actually seeing patients do it!

While advice is an integral part of treatment, so is reassurance. We have often seen your injury before, from start to finish and can reassure you that while unexpected problems arise, smart programming, treatment planning and regular re-assessment will minimise serious concerns. Just a speed bump!

Tissue takes time to adapt to changes in loading. We prescribe new levels of loading for you as your tissue heals knowing when to add lengthening movements, or speed. We watch for adaptations or cheats forming while we continue to progress toward functional rehab.

Don’t get stuck doing the same boring, simple exercises. ALWAYS try to add some function in. Do you run? Lets mimic a run posture while we do your rehab. Do you do karate? Lets strengthen while focusing on mobility.  It is this approach that allows you to get back to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves in educating our patients and being available for your questions and concerns. So, if you have any get in touch. We will help you #loveyourlife.

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